hCG Weight Loss


Personalized Weight Loss Plans With HCG

At 1513 Anti-Aging and Wellness, your weight loss journey will begin with a consultation and review of your medical history. Depending on your personal needs and weight loss goals, we will create a customized plan. In many cases, the use of hCG seems to reduce hunger, which allows you to be more comfortable while following the low calorie plan. In addition, we encourage patients to begin a low intensity exercise program, which is often as simple as walking.

How does the Jump Start Plan with hCG Work?

Happy Couple Looking At Each Other Against Clear SkyOn this plan, you will have a total of 500 to 1200 calories a day. Remember this is a short term plan to “jump start” you toward your weight loss goals. The use of hCG has been shown to retain more muscle as you continue your weight loss journey. hCG injections alone will not help you lose weight—the diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes will allow you to achieve your weight loss goals!

Are You a Good Candidate for the Jump Start Plan with hCG?

This plan can benefit clients who:

  • Have tried multiple diets and exercise plans with poor results.
  • Are considering surgical treatment to lose weight.
  • Have more than five pounds of excess body fat.

Jump Start to a New You

smiling-couple The Jump Start Plan utilizes hCG and is a short term, dramatic weight loss diet that may allow you to lose up to a pound a day. Unlike other low calorie plans, the goal of the Jump Start Plan is to help you drop the weight quickly, and then transition into a lasting lifestyle change.

About 1513 Anti-Aging and Wellness

On The PhoneLocated in Columbus, Georgia, 1513 Anti-Aging and Wellness is here to help you achieve your weight loss goals more easily. To learn more about how the Jump Start Plan with hCG can help you achieve your wellness goals, contact 1513 Anti-Aging and Wellness at (706) 221-4848.

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